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Coombe Girls’ School has a strict uniform policy and we expect all parents and pupils to support this. We feel that the uniform fosters the strong and inclusive sense of community cohesion which we value.

We expect the girls to maintain a high standard of dress and appearance at all times. Uniform should be complete, kept tidy and fresh. We expect all pupils to be correctly dressed before they enter the building.

Please take a look at the letters attached below to see some of the recent minor changes made to the girls' school uniform.

Please familiarise yourself with the rules on mobile phones and nail varnish below.

For further information on our Uniform Policy please see the appropriate section in our Behaviour and Exclusions policy found in the Key Documents section.

Uniform Details

Pupils can choose to wear either the Coombe Girls' skirt or the Coombe Girls' trousers.

Skirt: Inverted pleat, charcoal grey with green pin stripe

Trousers: Charcoal grey with green pin stripe. No other styles to be worn

Blouse: White revere blouse or blouse with side vent, no visible layers underneath

Jumper: Optional; bottle green V neck with logo. No other jumpers (cardigans, sweatshirts, hooded tops) are allowed

Blazer: (Compulsory for all students from year 7 to 11) Bottle green blazer with logo. No other jackets/ blazers are allowed

House Pin: Jupiter: yellow; Mars: red; Mercury: green; Neptune: blue;Orion: Gold Pluto: purple; Saturn: orange;

Venus: white. This will be provided by the school but the cost of a replacement pin is 50p.

Socks and tights: Tights should be plain black– no white or grey – no leggings. Socks should be black - no white or grey, knee length or short.

Shoes: Shoes should be plain and black. They should be safe to wear and have a reasonable grip to the sole as this is safer when the weather is poor. Shoes should fit and not be worn when they have stretched and become loose. Boots of any description, canvas shoes and trainers are not permitted.

Coat: Plain black, dark grey, navy, brown or bottle green.

PE uniform: (Compulsory PE Kit)

White polo shirt with logo Plain black shorts/skirt/tracksuit bottoms

White socks Long black football socks Optional,

(Recommended PE kit)

PE hooded top with logo Black tracksuit with logo Football/hockey boots Shin pads and a gum shield (available to buy from the PE Department)


Dark woollen hat and gloves in very cold winter weather

Plain sun cap in very sunny summer weather

Water in a plastic bottle

Art: An old shirt or apron

Headscarf: (Optional) but if worn it must be a black Coombe headscarf, no others allowed.

PE Kit

Mobile Phones

While we understand that mobile phones may be seen as necessary for personal safety, we do not expect to see or hear mobile phones, personal music systems, cameras or similar equipment whilst on school premises; if this happens they will be confiscated. During the school day pupils should keep these items in their lockers. We cannot take responsibility for any equipment if it is lost or stolen.

Mobile phones are not allowed to be used and must be switched off during school hours and kept in your daughter’s locker. Mobile phones and personal equipment, including headphones and earpieces should be turned off and placed inside lockers. Any electronic devices, including mobiles, seen by staff will be confiscated and a letter will be sent home.

We ask that if you need to contact your daughter urgently, please telephone the School.

Nail Varnish

It is not permitted for students to wear nail varnish or to have false nails. If your daughter’s nails are too long to work safely in a busy school environment, we will ask her to trim them. I would ask for your support in this as you will be the first line in making sure that this does not happen. If your daughter arrives at school having broken this rule, the following sanctions will be applied:

1st time- varnish/ nails to be removed - a letter will come home with your daughter and you will receive a text message.

2nd time- varnish/ nails to be removed and a 30 minute same day detention will be held. You will receive the same letter and a further text message. If, at this stage, your daughter fails to attend the detention, this will lead to a doubling of the sanction and further refusal will lead to serious sanctions of exclusion for defiance.

3rd time - varnish/ nails to be removed and a half day internal exclusion for defiance will be served. At this stage we would be asking you to come to school to meet with us and discuss how to avoid further sanctions.

4th time- varnish/ nails to be removed and a full day internal exclusion for defiance will be served.

5th time - varnish/ nails to be removed and a fixed term, external exclusion for defiance will be issued. There will be a formal reintegration meeting and your daughter’s future will be discussed.