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More able and challenge

Ad Astra is the enrichment program at Coombe Girls' School designed to promote students to stretch and challenge themselves outside of lessons. With an expectation to go above and beyond the curriculum, students are provided with additional, challenging content that will help them level up in the chosen subjects they have joined.


Who is Ad Astra for?

Ad Astra is for everyone! At the heart of the Ad Astra Program lies ‘Challenge For All’. We believe providing more opportunities enables choices in our learners' lives now and beyond when they leave our care.

Research suggests that females are still less likely to go into high powered positions. Providing Ad Astra is our way of encouraging students to reach for the stars, giving tasters to new careers and opportunities that expand their horizon and build their confidence.

What benefits will students receive from joining?

  • Students will be able to try out new things and subject areas, so they can find their passion or do more of it!

  • Build their confidence

  • Gain more knowledge in their favourite subjects

  • Benefit when applying to Sixth form, employers or University. They will be able to show their passion and drive in a subject.

  • Be part of a community

  • Get exclusive access to events, fundraisers, competitions.

How do students join?

To participate, students will need to crack a subject's challenge which will appear in their Form Google Classroom. They can then fill in their answer in the Google Form to gain access to the Google Classroom code so they can join. Cracking the code for one subject means students will have access to all opportunities in Ad Astra.

Is it always after school?

No, some subjects will provide lunch time clubs or events you can attend. You can keep up to date by following the Ad Astra Calendar. This is a working Calendar so please expect updates throughout the term as more departments share.


Coombe Girls' School has achieved the NACE award for the second time, for excellence in provision for able, gifted and talented students.

Our NACE Award