The PFA has a vital role, supporting the staff and pupils by raising money to buy additional equipment for the school. It is open to all parents and carers, with a small friendly committee and an enthusiastic group of helpers. Through our staff representative, we receive wish lists from all departments, and we also involve the School Council.

We raise money through community events such as raffles, Quiz Nights, second hand uniform sales, pop up stalls, silent auctions etc. We are always looking for new ideas for fundraising and support from businesses for raffle prizes/sponsorship and always welcome help to run events.

If many give a little of their time, we can do more for our children, but if you are unable to do this you can contribute through one of our targeted fundraising projects through Justgiving or through matched funding via your employer. Here’s where some of the funds went last year…

Funded Projects:

Piano Restoration Project

Pasta Making Equipment

MUGA refurbishment

‘Big Read’ Books

Sports Equipment

Pottery Kiln Repairs/Maintenance

#CreatingCoombeGarden - Our Story

Our young people have experienced a lot through the pandemic - it has taken its toll on friendships, mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our school has worked hard to address what has been lost and with some extra help from all of us they can do more to support our girls.

Coombe Wildlife Garden is situated in the pond area at the bottom of the schoolfield. The area was cleared, the pond replaced, and a new planting plan created, making use of sensory plants and those that encourage a diverse ecosystem were put in place. As you can see from the photos below, a transformation has taken place.

The area is now being used for science and nature study. Plans will include a secluded seating area and allow pupils to appreciate the calming effects of the natural world away from the bustle of this busy secondary school.

Thanks to parent and pupil volunteers this has been a real team effort, but we need to continue to raise funds to maintain this Wildlife Garden.

We are really grateful to everyone who have contributed generously to make this happen. To continue to maintain it, the Coombe Garden campaign will remain open so please donate to our JustGiving page:

#CreatingCoombeGarden Poster.pdf



Vasanthi Kakatsos, Marzena Kalita


Simon Curry


Kristina Nordsten


Bettina Leitner


Cathy Dalton


Currently vacant*

* Please contact if you're interested in these positions and joining our lovely team.

Meetings & Contact Details

We meet as a minimum every term at 6.30pm in the six-form building, Wilson Block, by the Darley Drive entrance.

Alternatively you can join meetings virtually.

Committee meetings for 2022/23 are scheduled for:

● 10th January

● 28th February

● 9th May

● 13th June.

If you can’t make the meetings (which are short and never dull!), but would like to help with specific activities, suggest ideas or just want some friendly advice… please contact us at

Dates for Diary

Non Uniform Day (Ugly Sweater theme)

Friday 2nd December

2nd Hand Uniform Sales

● Friday 18th November

● Friday 13th January

● Friday 24th March

● Friday 12th May

● Friday 30th June

All key dates are available on Classlist and communicated via Parent emails.


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