Careers and IAG



At Coombe Girls’ School we recognise that our responsibility to our students does not end with the qualifications they gain at 16 and 18. Our aim is to support the aspirations of our students through the provision of unbiased information, advice and guidance based on their individual needs.To this end, promoting a careers development culture and an effective careers and employability programme is integral to our work as we prepare our students for a world of opportunity.

Our programme is provided through Active Tutorials, assemblies, curriculum lessons, PSHE lessons, cross curricular events (e.g. STEM) and specific careers and guidance based events. We also work in partnership with Achieving for Children (AfC) to provide access for students to unbiased information on education, training and employment

The Head of PSHE and IAG (J Pounds) takes the lead for careers and employability with support from the SLT PSHE assistant (C Corkhill) and the Sixth Form Progression Manager (K Bentley). These members of staff are reachable via the school enquiries email and main school number.


Careers Provision at Coombe Girls' School Your Future" for Sixth Form Students

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