House System

Every pupil in the school is in one of the eight houses, named after the planets and moons in the Solar System. Through the house system, there are opportunities to take part in competitions, fundraise for charities and get to know girls in other year groups who are in the same house.


Every pupil in the school is in one of the eight houses and each house has pupils in it from every year group. The houses are named after planets, moons and constellations:  Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Orion, Pluto, Saturn and Venus. In their houses the girls have many opportunities to develop their personalities and extend their skills in extra-curricular activities, which are organised by the Head of house, members of staff and senior pupils.  House-based activities can include: sports and other competitions, music festivals and events to raise money for house charities.

Through these events the girls gain a great deal socially and personally.  We find that pupils develop a sense of loyalty and commitment to their house. To show which house they belong to, pupils can wear a house pin in the house colour, which will be provided by the school in September: Jupiter: yellow; Mars: red; Mercury: green; Neptune: blue; Pluto: purple; Saturn: orange; Venus: white.

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Year Council & Pupil Council

Each year group has its own Year Council. The Pupil Council has representatives on it from every year group. Both councils discuss matters which are important to the pupils and the school.


Each year group has its own Year Council run by the Deputy Head of Year. The Pupil Council is run by one of the Assistant Headteachers. Representatives for both councils are chosen by the tutor group. Staff and pupil representatives in each year meet regularly to discuss matters of interest to pupils and to decide on how best to spend the School Fund.  Ideas generated from this meeting are fed back to the Pupil Council.  This provides the girls with opportunities for debate, initiative and responsibility.  A number of the Council’s recommendations have been adopted, such as changes to the school website, improving the school’s rewards system: Pupil Council researched, designed and launched the “Coombe Commendation” and uniform changes, such as the adoption of the optional green blazer. The Pupil Council even influences some staff appointments as the council members often conduct their own panel interview.