At Coombe you'll have the opportunity to be involved in lots of extra-curricular activities and participate in many exciting events. We also have a vibrant House System and for those of you who really want your voice to be heard, there's our student council.

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Keeping you safe

You will have the opportunity to discuss lots of the issues that may affect you or your friends during PSHE, which is part of the curriculum, and provides help, guidance and opportunities for you to develop academically, socially and individually. If any of the things discussed in the sessions affect you remember that you can always discuss it with your tutor or Head of Year.

If there is something that you don’t think you can talk about easily, you can always use the enquiries form found on this page in the Pupils Portals section. Make sure you clearly mark who it is from but you don’t have to include any details.

The links below are for agencies and organisations that can offer you help outside of school:

Medical care during the day


It is very important that we know of any medical situations which might affect you during a school day, so if you feel unwell, you should tell your teacher and report to Reception in the first instance.

If you become ill or have an accident you will be assessed by qualified First Aid staff. These staff will make a decision about contacting home and giving any treatment. In an emergency, we will make a decision about seeking further medical advice but in the majority of circumstances, this decision will need to be made by your parents. You can only leave via reception if an agreement has been reached with your parents and reception staff. The school does not employ a trained nurse, therefore if you have any medical conditions you should be taken to their GP by your parents/carers and not sent to school for diagnosis.

Coombe-Unity Newsletters

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