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Coombes Girls School

Aspirations - Debating and Parliament Tour

On Friday 20th of April, a number of students were selected to partake in a debating workshop at King’s College and to visit the Houses of Parliament.

Students began the day by viewing a model of a formal debate provided by the students at King’s, which was both informative and entertaining.  The motion was, “This House would deny healthcare to drug addicts and alcoholics”.

Later in the day, the group took part in a debate of their own with a motion of, “This House would have compulsory Saturday school for underachieving students” with pupils from Grey Court School. After some preparation, the debate began, with compelling arguments on both sides.

One Year 10 student commented, “We were all tense - it was really competitive, but fun at the same time.” Somewhat surprisingly, but with a very well argued set of points, the proposition won.

The group then headed to Parliament, where they were given a detailed tour including a visit to the House of Lords, the House of Commons and a walk-through of the process of becoming a Lord.  Another Year 10 student remarked how impressed she was, “It was interesting to see what goes on in Parliament - it definitely taught me a lot.”