Psychology & Science Conference 2021 - Y12 Student Review

During the psychology conference we watched and listened to many speakers discuss different aspects of psychology and science. This ranged from hypnosis to fake news. My favourite speaker was the hypnosis because we got to see him hypnotise people and learn about why and how this was happening; looking at the processes within the brain. It was very interactive as many of the speakers got us involved. One of the speakers; Hannah Jussli, who focused on the psychology of dance gave a biographical talk about how she moved career paths and the judgements that were put on her for this choice .

I also liked the ‘psychology behind the magic’ speaker. He got us involved in learning and teaching us how to do magic tricks. He discussed how everyday assumptions lead us to be easily led and controlled. Lastly, Mike Cardwell (the author of the psychology textbook) spoke about fake news and how this can be very convincing. He explained how psychological research also creates fake news because of the pressure to publish work in the psychological journals. Overall, it was a good day out and we all learned a lot.