Our aim is to educate and enthuse students in maths so they are prepared for future life. In adult life it is essential that we have good numeracy skills and an ability to problem solve using deductive reasoning. At Coombe Girls’ School Mathematics Department we have a team of hard working and dedicated teachers who endeavour to see our students develop the skills required to be successful in their future life.

What to expect in Y7

In Year 7, students study a variety of topics of work based on the four main sections of maths: number, data, shape, and algebra. In Key Stage 3 some students are selected to participate in our 1-1 numeracy scheme where they are mentored by an older student in mathematics, this is designed to develop confidence and ability. Over the course of the year, Year 7 and 8 tutor groups compete in a times table competition as a tutor time activity, designed to consolidate learning from primary school and earn ever important merits for their house.

What to expect in Y8

In Year 8, students deepen their knowledge on the four main sections of maths: number, data, shape and algebra. They have the opportunity to research and complete project work on the Golden Ratio as part of the My World project. This is designed to extend and challenge those who have a developing interest in mathematics. In all years, groups of students have the chance to partake in the Maths Challenge qualification. Alongside this in Year 8 a team of 8 students is selected to compete in the inter school Maths Challenge contest against other local schools.

What to expect in Y9

In Year 9, students begin more rigorous preparations for the commencement of their GCSE course. We ensure all students are fully confident with the core skills required to access the GCSE course such as algebra, negative numbers and BIDMAS. Throughout Key Stage 3 all students have access to Maths Club, which is a weekly drop in service to support and extend our students. Every year the Maths Department celebrate Number Day, where the aim is to make maths fun and instigate a positive “can do” attitude through various activities such as a Number Hunt and a building task.

What studying Maths at GCSE involve?

Maths is a highly valued subject from all areas including colleges, universities and employers. At GCSE level students are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to cope mathematically when they leave education. Students develop deductive reasoning skills and tackle challenging problems designed to make them apply their knowledge in different contexts. At Coombe Girls’ School we have a history of highly successful Maths GCSE results which we expect to continue. Students are given access to various resources that they can use at home to further support their learning such as Maths Watch accounts and online textbooks.

What to expect in Y10 & Y11

In Year 10 and 11 students are begin studying for the EdExcel GCSE Mathematics (9-1). Alongside the traditional Mathematics GCSE, some groups of Year 10 and 11 students are also given the opportunity to sit the Statistics GCSE. Our more able students also have the exciting opportunity to study for the Additional Maths qualification. Throughout Key Stage 4 we offer a multitude of additional support including a Walking Talking Mock, revision classes, Year 11 parent meeting and breakfast revision, amongst others. As a reward for progress some Year 11s are taken on a trip to Nandos.