What we know

  • All students will be gradually returning to school as of the 9th March 2021 following the in-school testing programme.

  • Following the three tests in school, students will be trained to use home testing kits which they will be required to undertake going forward.

  • The government continues to focus on getting the vulnerable members of society vaccinated so that we can start moving back towards ‘normal’ life.

  • The summer exams have been cancelled for all Year 11 and 13 students; they are to be replaced by centre assessed grades. The JCQ guidance document outlining this process for students, parents and guardians can be found here. A copy of the letter sent to parents/carers regarding the school's response to the guidance can be found here. As always, the best interests of our pupils remain paramount to all decisions we make.

What we are doing

  • We will continue to focus on high quality teaching and learning and delivering a broad and ambitious curriculum.

  • We will be providing regular, meaningful feedback to all students.

  • We will continue to prioritise the wellbeing and pastoral needs of all students, maintaining a personalised approach, using school systems and engaging external services as appropriate.

  • We will continue to uphold the highest standards of health & safety by meticulously following our school risk assessment and COVID-19 prevention measures.

  • We will continue to provide remote education via Google Classroom to those pupils who have been asked to isolate as per the government guidance. Please see our 'Keep Calm & Keep Learning' booklet for further information regarding our remote learning policy.

  • We are lending Chromebooks to students who have restricted access to devices at home, we also offer to refurbish old laptops, please see our section on "Access to online learning - devices ".

What is expected of students?

We expect all students to:

  • Follow the classroom expectations during lesson time, please see the poster below.

  • Bring a clean mask with a case into school every day and wear it at all times when inside the building.

  • Follow all other Coombe health & safety measures which are in place to protect our school community (the one-way system, zones, year badges, social distancing etc).

  • Try their hardest to complete their work to the best of their ability and be ‘brave not perfect’ when learning.

  • Keep on talking to their teachers about what they are worried about and work with their teachers to address any less secure learning as a result of the lockdown period.

Classroom expectations 2018.pdf
Covid all poster.pdf

What is expected of parents?

  • Help protect our community by ensuring your child adheres to our health & safety measures (masks, the one-way system, zones, year badges, social distancing etc).

  • Continue to be vigilant around COVID symptoms and keep children at home when appropriate, as well as continuing to follow national guidance around mixing and social distancing.

  • Support your child by providing routine, structure and discipline and encourage them by offering praise and rewards.

  • Where possible, keep asking them about their day, what they have learned or anything they have done that they are particularly proud of.

  • Please do let the school ( know of anything your child has completed which you are particularly proud of, we would love to hear about it.

  • Promote activities that benefit their mental health. This could include reading, exercise, cooking, playing board games, arts and crafts or doing chores together.

  • Follow the government’s home testing scheme and keep the school informed of any positive COVID-19 test results.

  • Read the Coombe March Reopening Parent Guide before your child starts back in school.

March re-opening - Parent Guide & FAQs

Coombe Girls' March 2021 Re-opening - Parent Guide/FAQs

Free School Meals

Applying for free school meals (FSM)

If the financial situation of your family has changed since the pandemic and you think that your child may now be eligible for free school meals, you can find our more information and apply via this Department for Education website link.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the government has temporarily extended free school meals eligibility to include some groups who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF). This temporary extension is continuing and covers both pupils who are attending school and who are at home due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

See guidance on the temporary extension of free school meals eligibility to NRPF groups for more information.

Other support for families

Further government support is available for families struggling as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). If families need urgent help, they can contact their local council to find out what services are available in their area.

Student & Family Wellbeing

Lockdowns can impact on the wellbeing of students and families, please find below a list of resources that you may find helpful. We also publish a weekly newsletter, Coombe-Unity, where you will find tips, advice and ideas on what to do at home during lockdown to improve and/or maintain your wellbeing.

An organisation who specialise in working with young people. They have a wide variety of resources on their website which cover a range of topics. This is a direct link to their section on COVID 19 support.

A website produced by the NHS with a range of help and advice for parents who may be concerned about their child’s mental health.

An online service who provide digital support to young people who are experiencing issues with their mental health. They provide articles, wellbeing ideas and online community support.

A wide range of resources which provide information to help your child understand how they might be feeling. They also offer a range of ideas of things that can be done to support wellbeing.

Fresh air, sunlight & exercise!

Every week the PE department creates a week long physical Inter-house competition. We hope that every student will contribute to this at least once but multiple entries are encouraged and will be celebrated. See our weekly challenge page by clicking on the button below. Students can also access this from their portal, under Curriculum sites > Coombe PE, where they will also be able to access home learning PE lessons and a wide range of exercising videos collated by the PE Department.

Exercise should be a key part of your daily routine, as should getting fresh air and sunlight. These things are important for physical and mental health, and again offer scope for doing activities as a family. If your child is well in themselves and able to, then they should be encouraged to be active for at least an hour each day. Try to encourage your child to spend time outside during their break and lunch time – even 5 minutes kicking a football in the garden or a walk around block will help lift their mood and help them to focus better on school work when they return.

Here are a few other things they might be able to do:

Please bear in mind that exercise can also mean things other than ‘working out', here are examples:

  • Help with the housework etc - scrub a floor, wash the walls, push the vacuum cleaner!

  • Help with the gardening

  • Walk the dog*

  • Walk to the shops for an elderly neighbour*

  • Dance!

* Please ensure that current guidance on social distancing is observed.