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Coombes Girls School

Year 6 Zone 2020

Welcome to the Coombe Family or as we like to call it our COOMBEUNITY.

You must be really excited to have chosen Coombe Girls' School as your secondary school.

You can expect to work within an atmosphere that is friendly, supportive and one that will ensure that you can learn effectively whilst feeling safe.

We know that you have experienced an unusual end to your time in primary school. We are working as a staff to adapt our curriculum and pastoral systems to provide you with the best possible support so that you can settle into your new school quickly.

It has been great to see you come into Coombe this term. The presentation that your Parents were shown while you met your tutor can be found as an attachment at the bottom of this page.

This page will give you some great information to help you join our school in September.

WHAT to wear to school 


Skirt Inverted pleat, charcoal grey with green pin stripe
Trousers Optional; if worn, charcoal grey with green pin stripe. No other styles to be worn
Blouse White revere blouse or blouse with side vent
Jumper Optional; bottle green V neck with logo. No other jumpers (cardigans, sweatshirts, hooded tops) are allowed
Blazer Bottle green blazer with logo. No other jackets/ blazers are allowed

Socks should be black - no white or grey. 

Tights Tights should be plain black– no white or grey. No leggings.

Shoes should be plain and black.  They should be safe to wear and have a reasonable grip to the sole as this is safer when the weather is poor.  Shoes should fit and not be worn when they have stretched and become loose.

Boots of any description, canvas shoes and trainers are not permitted. 
Coat Plain – these must be stored in lockers during the school day.
PE Uniform

Compulsory PE Kit:
White polo shirt with logo
Plain black shorts/skirt/tracksuit bottoms
White socks. Long black football socks

Optional, recommended PE kit:
PE hooded top with logo
Black tracksuit with logo
Football/hockey boots
Shin pads and a gum shield (available to buy from the PE Department).Towel
Dark woollen hat and gloves in very cold winter weather
Art An old shirt or apron
Headscarf Optional; but if worn it must be a black Coombe headscarf. This will need to be fastened and safe for all activities


School Zone (3rd floor in Bentalls  Store, Kingston-upon-Thames)  or online

What to bring to school 

A well stocked pencil case Pens, pencils, eraser, ruler, sharpener, scissors, a set of coloured pencils. (Any thing you haven't got we can lend you out during the lesson)
Maths equipment set square, compass, protractor, ruler
Calculator Lessons involving maths questions.
Pocket Dictionary For all lessons
Exercise books / subject files These will be given to you by your teacher at the beginning of term.
Subject textbooks These will be given to you. We expect you to take particular care of textbooks issued to you and return them to staff promptly when requested.  
Your School Diary

You will be given a diary at the start of the year. This is used to record details of homework set, timetables, information, and comments from your teachers, merits and detentions. 

You should carry it with them at all times in school. 

Ask your parent to read it regularly and to sign it once a week.  It will be checked in school by your Tutor and signed.

If you loose your diary don't worry you can get a replacement from your HoY but it will cost you £3.50 to buy a new one
Your PE Kit If you have a PE lesson on that day. Make sure everything has your name labelled inside.
Mobile Phone

These should be switched off and stored in lockers or bags during the school day.

A water bottle We have plenty of water fountains for you to fill up during break or lunchtime.
Your Lunch for the day Make sure you have a lunchbox so that it doesn't damage your books and bag. However we have plenty of places for you to buy lunch.
Oyster Card If you are travelling back and for to school via the 213 bus.

Your school day 

The school day starts at 8.30am and ends at 3.00pm.

Your lessons are 60 minutes long.

School is open to you from 8am where you can grab a delicious breakfast.

You do need to leave the school by 3.30pm every day unless they are studying in the LRC or have an extra-curricular club in school that day.

Your timetable will be made up of five 60 minute lessons that we guarantee will be full of fun, will challenge you and will leave you wanting more.

We have a two week timetable at Coombe. Week A and Week B.

  Start Finish Length in minutes
Tutorial / Assembly 8.30 8.55 25
Period 1 8.55 9.55 60
Period 2 9.55 10.55 60
Breaktime 10.55 11.20 25
Period 3 11.20 12.20 60
Period 4 12.20 1.20 60
Lunchtime 1.20 1.55 35
Period 5 1.55 2.55 60
PM Registration 2.55 3.00 5

WHERE to eat 

What can you buy at Coombe and where can you get it from?

Firstly you MUST stay in school for breaktime and lunchtime.

You have three choices for your lunch:

  • There is a self-service Cafeteria where the girls can purchase a range of hot food. 
  • There is a healthy eating menu available at the Planet Café  which is located next to the LRC.
  • We have an outdoor food serving station called the Food Cube providing snacks.

You can bring a packed lunch from home, which can be eaten in the hall, designated tutor rooms, the canteen (if the tutor rooms are not available), or outside in good weather.

  • The meat used in the main meal each day is halal.
  • You need to pay for your food using a card identification system and your parents will need to pay for this using Parent Pay. This means that you wont queue for long to get your food.
  • If you bring any drinks into school they should only be in containers which are not glass. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day. There are several points where they can refill your water bottles at break and lunchtime.  Water is the only drink allowed in lessons.

    You are not allowed off the premises unless you have a note signed by your parent/carer that has been approved by your tutor and Head of Year. When leaving in these circumstance, you must sign out and present your diary to reception. 

will i get lost?

You will get lost at some point during the first term. Coombe Girls School is much bigger than your Primary School. We have a large number of classrooms and specialist areas.

Classrooms used by the same subject are usually grouped together in the same part of the school.

Coombe staff and pupils are very happy to help you find your classroom so please DO NOT WORRY. Just ask someone.

Here is a map to help you.