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Coombes Girls School


Curriculum Intent

At Coombe Girls’ School, our curriculum (11-16) is well designed, context driven, inclusive and carefully sequenced to provide all students with a rigorous foundation for future progression. Our curriculum provides a rich, inspiring and broad learning experience that engenders high expectations and challenge in order to build students’ resilience and self-belief.

We celebrate the development of students’ character, personal development, health and wellbeing through the unique experiences that our curriculum provides. Students have vast opportunities to take their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom and therefore develop their love of learning, independence and creative thinking.

The depth of our curriculum enables students to master the key knowledge and skills essential for maximising their full potential both academically and emotionally, including a range of opportunities to explore and understand the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. 

Alongside our commitment to effective, research based pedagogy and practice and the evidence most pertinent to young women as learners, we guide all students to be ‘brave not perfect’ when taking learning risks and embracing failure, leading to the widest range of personalised pathways and thus making them valuable contributors to society and ready for the ‘world of opportunity’.

A detailed summary of each subject's curriculum is found within the curriculum booklets below.

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Curriculum Guides 2019-2020