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Coombes Girls School

Year 7 Student Voice

We decided that the best way for you to get an idea of what it was like to start as a new Year 7 student at Coombe was to ask several of the students to write a blog of their first week.


The day had finally arrived – it was my first day of secondary school. I was so excited and I just couldn’t wait to step outside in my new, shiny school shoes ready to start my journey to Coombe Girls’ School! I was feeling a tiny bit nervous but that feeling was soon overcome as it was only the Year 7s gathered outside the huge Coombe Girls’ School building. At 10am all of the anxious year 7s, including me, rushed into school all dressed smartly in bottle green- it looked like an emerald sea coming through the doors!

I arrived in the massive school hall where we were split into our tutor groups. We had an interesting assembly giving us a warm welcome to the school and encouraging us to take advantage of all the eye-opening opportunities that the school has to offer.

Back in the form room, it already felt like I had been there for ages as my form tutor gave me a kind and welcoming smile. During the first part of the day, the rules were covered and we did a mind-boggling quiz – the topics were about Geography, TV/Film, Music. After that, diaries, maps and calendars were handed out so we could organise ourselves completely.

Overall, it was an exciting day and I really think I will settle into Coombe Girls’ School fantastically!

Yesterday we all arrived ready to go, dressed in our new uniforms which looked extremely smart on us. When we got in, our tutor was waiting in the hall and we sat down and had an assembly. Then, we were taken to our tutor rooms.

During the day we were assigned our lockers and seats. It was really exciting! To make the day even more brilliant we got our new diaries. Later on, we had an assembly from our Head of Year about saying ‘yes’ to new activities. All in all, the day was fabulous and everybody who started nervously was no longer scared of this big step into the future!

Maybe even though going around the school is still a little confusing I will soon know everything!

On my first day of secondary school I was extremely nervous! I had so many questions that I wanted to ask. After Summer School, which I had attended a few days before, I felt reassured but a little apprehensive.

I arrived at Coombe Girls’ School at 10am along with all the other year 7s. We all went into the hall and were then led to our tutor rooms. Our homework diaries were given out along with a map of the school. I was pleased that it was only Year 7s there and not the older years. Everything was explained to me. It was still a little confusing – I swear that I only took in a quarter of what I was told!

All of a sudden, I wasn’t being babied anymore and the responsibility was piling on top of me! I tried to enjoy lunch and break time but I was always keen to check the time – then it hit me – I needed a watch!

After arriving at my tutor room several minutes early, we were given some more information from our tutor and before I knew it, it was home time!

I had been so nervous and scared the day before but it was much easier than expected. It was a brilliant introduction to secondary school and to Coombe Girls’.

“How easy is it to settle into Year 7?

Really easy. Everyone’s friendly, the teachers are very welcoming, and the My Journey project was great fun and good for making friends. Plus there are lots of activities to get involved in straight away, and you quickly learn to find your way around and feel at home.”