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Coombes Girls School

Pastoral & Safeguarding

Key points

Every pupil is in a tutor group. These are named after the Houses in the school.

The tutor group of around 30 pupils is lead by a tutor, who is a teacher in the school.

Tutors work hard to get to know the girls in their group and so support them effectively.

You should contact your daughter’s tutor first if you have any concerns about your daughter’s well-being (020 8942 1242 or use the enquiries form in the portals section of this page).

Medical information


The welfare of all pupils is of vital importance and monitored closely throughout the tutorial system which is well established at Coombe.  When they join the school, each girl is placed in one of seven Houses named after planets:  Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Orion, Pluto, Saturn and Venus. She will stay in the same house throughout her time at Coombe.  Registration is taken in this group by the Tutor who is responsible for the girls’ well-being. This tutor group helps the girls to know that they matter as individuals. When possible, we try to keep the same teacher with the same tutor group throughout a girl’s time at Coombe. The Head of Year, Deputy Head of Year and Tutor have a personal knowledge of each girl and are on hand to provide help and guidance in all aspects of school life.  They communicate with parents and with external welfare agencies which provide support for the home and the school.


Safeguarding your daughter is a key priority at Coombe. You may find these links helpful in supporting your daughter at home.

Appropriate online behaviour & e-safety



Please click here to download the document on Risks Children Face Online.