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Coombes Girls School

Head of Year 7 Welcome

The move to secondary school is a very important step in the life of every young person.  It is also an exciting step but one that can be confusing and rather overwhelming at times.  Here at Coombe, we aim to make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Before girls join us in September, they will already have had the opportunity of spending the whole day with us in July. On this day, they will have met their tutors as well as the other members of their tutor group, experienced a taste of what lessons are like at Coombe and also have a full tour of the school to familiarise themselves with their new learning environment.  I hope they feel confident about joining us in September and feel part of our school community.

At Coombe we believe that every pupil is an important individual and we strive to ensure that every girl is able to achieve success.  It is vital that parents and the school work together to support pupil learning as we value frequent links with parents.  I hope you will feel that you can contact your daughters form tutor or me if you have any queries regarding your daughters education and welfare.

I am sure that your daughters years at Coombe will be both happy and successful.

Mr D Peake, Head of Year 7