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Coombes Girls School

Year 8 Amazon Workshop Day

Year 8 App Club members were treated to a trip to an Amazon HQ Bootcamp to help our teams progress their App ideas for presenting to Amazon executives in the National Competition.

We spent the day at the Amazon London HQ. During the day, pupils attended different workshops that included presentation skills, business analysis and writing algorithms.

The bootcamp was an excellent opportunity for our pupils to spend a day at a large international business working with specialists in the industry. Our pupils were a credit to our school and got involved in all the activities. The building itself was extravagant and we all commented on how lovely everything was, including the very cool breakout area with Amazon Alexas to play with.

Pupil Responses:


Being at Amazon really showed me what we need to work on and how we can build on our ideas. Being there I realised the lack of professionalism in our presentation skills. It was explained how we can project our voice and speak like real professionals, include the audience in our conversation and not just awkwardly laugh whilst talking. Lastly, they also helped us in how we can improve and add more details to our ideas using specific techniques. In conclusion it was a very helpful and successful day which will help us to improve in our struggling areas.


I had a really good time at Amazon. Not only was it educational but it was also exciting. We were supported with different ideas on how to enhance our app. We first played a game to help boost our confidence. This was done by doing a short exercise on socialising with each other. I found this really beneficial because we made new friends and it enabled us to design our product to meet the demands and the requirements of our target market. I recommend that pupils participate since this was a fun experience.