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Coombes Girls School

Fun Day!

On Friday the 27th April, Year 11 Fun Day took place with students donned in a wide array of interesting and creative costumes to both celebrate the end of their time in the lower school and mark the entry into a period of significant focus for the upcoming exams.

On this particular day, the overcast skies, in comparison to the heatwave of the week before, would not be enough to dampen the spirits of this year group as they laughed and tumbled over the obstacle courses well into the afternoon.

The Sports Hall was the main focus of activities early on before the outside apparatus was inflated. Luckily, the weather cleared a little and the excitement of the hall was transported outside.

There was an element of friendly competition as pupils took part in a range of races including various scrambles over inflatable obstacle courses to fill up buckets of water.

One pupil stated,  “It’s so much fun. We’ve only got a couple of weeks left and it’s really good for getting all of the stress out before the exams.”

We wish the year group the best of luck over the next two months and hope that this day has helped in dealing with what is to be a very significant time in their lives.

We would also like to thank, It’s a Knockout, for providing the apparatus, running the races and creating such an enjoyable day for our Y11 students.