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Coombes Girls School

Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad

Coombe Girls' School student Joana enjoyed great success in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad, a competition aimed at Y11 and below, by scoring in the top 100 students across the country in her age group.

In the first round, The Intermediate Maths Challenge, Joana Y10, achieved a Gold award and therefore qualified for the next stage as she scored within the top 500 students at this stage.

The second round, The Olympiad, included more involved challenges and required extended responses to 6 questions. It is at this second stage that Joana scored in the top 100 students and has since been awarded with a certificate for her participation.

Regarding the questions, guidance on the papers included the statement: “They will probably look unusual, so that it is not immediately obvious how to solve them, unlike a typical question from a school textbook.”  Below is an example:

Joana is the first student Coombe Girls’ School has had qualify for the event so it is credit to her for her success and to the Maths department for supporting her through it.

Joana has expressed interest in entering again next year. When asked if she has always been so good at the subject she replied, “I used to be better at languages. I still find maths really hard work.”   

Congratulations Joana!