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Coombes Girls School

Science Department News

Between the 24th April and the 4th May, around 50 Year 7 and Year 8 students volunteered to take care of eight eggs in the Science department by cleaning and weighing them every day.

Hatching the chicks for the Happy Egg Company, the first four chicks hatched on Wednesday the 25th April, the first of which was named Gertrude, and the final four hatched the next day. The last chick to hatch was named Cornelius.

In the end, there were three male and five female chicks. They proved incredibly popular with all year groups and the staff alike and were visited at break times and lunch times.

After 10 days, the chicks left the nest and were happily relocated to a farm in Cambridgeshire.

Mr Gibbons was pleased with the positive response and stated, “The chicks were a fantastic addition to the department and it was fascinating for students to learn about how to look after and care for animals they are unfamiliar with. Well done to all involved!”

Student Voice

“They were so fun to hold and watching them change so quickly was awesome.”

“They were great. It was so fun that we got to name them.”