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Coombes Girls School

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On Tuesday 10th October, Textiles and Product Design students

Textiles and Product Design Trip to the V&A Museum

On Tuesday 10th October, Textiles and Product Design students took a trip to the V&A Museum.  A-Level, GCSE and Y9 students left school following period 2, and upon arrival, students were given the opportunity to look around the museum themselves before meeting up for lunch to discuss what they had seen.

Textiles students then went to the Balenciaga exhibit while Product Design students went to a woodwork exhibit. All pupils took sketchbooks to record what they saw as well as taking photographs of particular pieces or work.

The A-Level students in particular found inspiration for their own work, as they were able to see how professionals make use of textures, shapes and different materials in their creations. This trip also allowed the pupils to gain a wider appreciation of the cultural aspects of the work and how it can influence art and design on multiple levels. 

One Year 12 student expressed how the trip challenged her own ideas in saying, “the trip encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone when creating my own designs and portfolio”.