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Coombes Girls School

November 2015

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November 2015 

It’s been a wonderful start to the new academic year and as always Coombe has been a hive of activity and opportunity.  We were very pleased to welcome all our students back to school in September and were particularly proud of how smart the girls in the main school looked in their uniform.  We have made a few small adjustments to the uniform expectations and it was lovely to see the girls embracing these from the very first day of term.

We started the year off celebrating excellent examination results and are now already in full swing with preparation for the next set of grades.  All of our students in Key Stage 4 and 5 are working extremely hard and we look forward to also celebrating their successes next summer.  The vast majority of Year 13s UCAS applications are now complete and ready for submitting reflecting the start of the next stage in their educational journey. 

There have already been many curricular changes at each Key Stage this year and we are very grateful to the staff for their conscientious approach to ensuring that the teaching and learning taking place reflects all the changes.  Thank you to the parents who attended the curriculum evenings at the start of the year and we will continue to keep you all updated via the parent consultation evenings throughout the year.  We are currently reviewing our Post 16 offer and provision in line with other local Sixth Form providers to ensure that we are offering the very best programme of study to our prospective sixth form students. 

The extra-curricular opportunities continue to thrive, many of which are featured in this newsletter and we look forward to enjoying many more in the half term to come.  I would continue to encourage all of our students to take advantage of all of these opportunities which not only offer the chance to make new friendships but also develop confidence and resilience.  I was delighted to meet a former Coombe girl shortly before half term who commented on just how: ‘Coombe had made her the person she is today, given her life-long friendships and taught her that there were no limits to what she could achieve if she worked for it’.  What a fantastic accolade for both her personally and the school community as a whole!

Life long learning for all is a principle we aim to ensure permeates every aspect of our work and the opportunities for learning for the staff at the school and in our alliance schools continues to grow.  As part of our National Teaching School action plan, we have introduced this term the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership and are delighted to have received a grant from the National College as part of a Diversity and Equality project to lead a targeted professional development programme for Women Leaders across both Kingston and Richmond Local Authorities.

Finally, thank you to all of our community for their continued support for the school and we look forward to seeing you at future performances, events and parents’ evenings between now and Christmas.