Welcome to our virtual Prospective Parents Evening 2020

Welcome to our Prospective Parents Evening page. We are disappointed not to be able to open our doors to you this year. However, we hope we can showcase our school as best we can virtually. We have created a selection of films which we hope offer a good introduction and keen insight into our school.

Our students and staff star in our films so please click on the links below to discover more about life at Coombe Girls' School.

In addition to the video footage, please scroll down to see our easy to navigate links that will provide you with additional information.

Welcome to our Outstanding School by Ms. Barns, Acting Headteacher.

Take a whistle stop tour through the school and meet our teachers from the different Departments.

The best people to ask about life at Coombe Girls are our Year 7 students.

Here are our class of 2020 talking about their first few weeks at secondary school.

Prospective Parents Evening 2019

'Ladies and gents this is the school you've been waiting for!'

Each year, for Prospective Parents Evening, the whole school adopts a theme that unites the Coombe-Unity together and allows our students to tell you about Coombe in their own special way.

So sit back and enjoy The Greatest School from 2019!

If you are interested in our Learning Development Department and Specialist Resource Provision please follow the link to the Achieving For Children website where you will find the Coombe Girls' School presentation from our SENCo.

About Coombe Girls' School

We are nationally recognised as an academically successful, diverse, open-minded and innovative school where your daughter will realise her potential, rise to the challenge and develop a lifelong love of learning.

· Designated an outstanding school by Ofsted again. One of only 35 schools in the UK to have been awarded an Outstanding Ofsted rating four times in succession.

· Named 13th in the Daily Telegraph’s top non-selective schools in the UK.

· A high-achieving non-selective secondary school for girls.

· One of the top 100 non-selective schools in England based on our pupils achievement and progress at GCSE – Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools.

· Once again, over one third of all of our GCSE entries achieved the very top numerical grades 7-9; this is significantly above National average

· One of the top 100 non-selective schools in England based on our pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate reflecting our high standards of attainment across a rich and balanced curriculum. – Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools

· One of the top 100 non-selective schools in England based on the key stage 2 to key stage 4 value added measure reflecting the fantastic progress made by our pupils. – Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Schools

At Coombe, we believe that parental involvement is crucial to ensuring your daughter's success.

If you have any questions in addition to the information found on our website we would be delighted to hear from you. Please follow the link below to submit your question via a google form. We will direct your questions to the relevant member of staff who will reply to you as soon possible.