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Coombes Girls School

Provision for More Able and Gifted

Every Fortnight during lunchtime the Ad Astra students are invited to attend a session to develop their critical thinking skills.  The purpose of these sessions are to improve the students’ motivation, build on their self-esteem and help them become more effective and independent learners.  Above all these sessions aim to raise achievement and complement and support the work of teachers in the classroom.  They prepare the students for the level of thinking required for completing their A-levels and university degrees.  More subject specific sessions will be added to the programme in the Autumn term looking a topics outside the curriculum.  Along side this programme students will be invited to attend careers talks from guest speakers, informing students about different career paths.


Ad Astra students are selected by the Head of Year using the Gifted and Talented register.  They are students who are capable of or currently performing at levels significantly above others in their class.  Please see below for the timetable.