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Coombes Girls School


2017 Examination Information for Parents and students

On this page are details of what you can do if your result is not what you expected. There are a number of services that the examination boards can offer. Please arrange to talk to Mrs Law following results day to discuss these services and to get advice.

You can only make an enquiry about examination results through the Exam Office at school, which is now located in the new Wilson block.
An application form and table showing the costs involved are available on this page.

Please note that any payments for examination remarks must be made in cash.

Also included are the codes for the GCSE and GCE exams for your reference


Course and subject advice

Please note that for course and subject advice you will need to speak with your Head of Year or Mrs Bentley. They will be available to speak with you on results day and can also arrange appointments. For those applying for places in Coombe Sixth form there will be advice available on results day. 

You can download the GCSE results letter here

Enquiries and appeals about results Candidate Consent Form

Enquiries and appeals about results Candidate Consent Form

GCSE Exam codes

Other qualifications

Enquiries and results fees