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Coombes Girls School


Key Stage 3 & 4 Examinations 2016

On this page you will find the details of available services and deadlines as well as details for what to do in the event of an enquiry.

At the bottom of the page is a link to the sixth form site which contains all of the GCE (A Level and AS Level qualifications) details.

Enquiries and appeals about results

GCSE results letter

Enquiries about results fees

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KS4 Subjects, Qualification and Codes 2015-16 

Additional Mathematics  OCR No tiers 6993 n/a
Additional Science [Y11] AQA Foundation 4408 BL2FP, CH2FP, PH2FP, AS4P
Higher BL2HP, CH2HP,PH2HP,  AS4P
Arabic Edexcel No tiers 2AR01 5AR01, 5AR02, 5AR03, 5AR04
Art & Design (Full Course) Edexcel No tiers 2AD01 5AD01, 5AD02
Bengali AQA Foundation/Higher 4638 46351H, 46352H, 46353, 46354
Biology  AQA Higher 4401 BL1HP, BL2HP, BL3HP, BL4P
Business Studies  Edexcel No tiers 2BS01 5BS01, 5BS02, 5BS03
Business (BTEC) Edexcel L1/L2 First Award LGJ42  
Chemistry  AQA Higher 4402 CH1HP, CH2HP, CH3HP, CH4P
Chinese (Cant. or Mand.) Edexcel No tiers 2CN01 5CN01, 5CN02, 5CN03, 5CN04
Computer Science AQA No tiers 4512 4512/1, 4512/2
D&T: Food Technology AQA Foundation/Higher 4547 45451, 45452
D&T: Product Design  AQA Foundation/Higher 4557 45551, 45552
D&T: Textiles AQA Foundation/Higher 4572 45701, 45702
Drama Edexcel No tiers 2DR01 5DR01, 5DR02, 5DR03
ECDL (IT) N/A N/A    
English Edexcel Foundation/Higher 2EH01 5EH01, 5EH2F/H, 5EH03A, 5EH3B
English Language Edexcel Foundation/Higher 2EN01 5EH01, 5EN2F/H, 5EN03A, 5EH3B
English Literature Edexcel Foundation/Higher 2ET01 5ET1F/H, 5ET2F/H, 5ET03
English (IGCSE) CIE Core/Extended 522 1/2(Reading), 4(Writing), 5(Speaking)
French AQA Foundation/Higher 4658 46551F/H, 46552F/H, 46553, 46554
Geography  B WJEC Higher 4240LA 424102, 424202, 424301
Foundation 424101, 424201, 424301
German  AQA Foundation/Higher 4668 46651F/H, 46652F/H, 46653, 46654
Health & Social Care (BTEC) Edexcel L1/L2 First Award BGP87  
History A Edexcel No tiers 2HA01 5HA01, 5HA02C, 5HA03B, 5HA04
Home Economics: Child Development AQA No tiers 4582 45801, 45802, 45803
Latin  WJEC LEVEL 2 Certificate 9520/01 9521, 9523
Mathematics Edexcel Foundation/Higher 1MA01 1MA0 1F/H, 1MA0 2F/H
Media Studies AQA Foundation/Higher 4812 48101, 48102
Media (Cambridge National) OCR No tiers J817 R081, R082B, R089B, R092B
Music Edexcel No tiers 2MU01 5MU01, 5MU02, 5MU03
Panjabi AQA Higher 4683 46801H, 46802H, 46803, 46804
PE  Edexcel No tiers 2PE01 5PE01, 5PE02
Persian OCR No tiers J735 A821, A822, A823, A824
Physics  AQA Higher 4403 PH1HP, PH2HP, PH3HP, PH4P
Portuguese OCR No tiers J736 A831, A832, A833, A834
Religious Studies B (Y10) AQA No tiers 4057 40551 and 40553 
Science (Y10) AQA Foundation/Higher 4405 BL1F/HP, CH1F/HP, PH1F/HP, SCA4P
Spanish  AQA Foundation/Higher 4698 46951F/H, 46952F/H, 46953, 46954
Statistics Edexcel Foundation/Higher 2ST01 5ST1F/H, 5ST02
Urdu Edexcel Foundation/Higher 2UR01 5UR01, 5UR02, 5UR03, 5UR04

Follow this link for KS5 examination details